Baseball Is Ninety Percent Mental And The Other Half Is Physical – Yogi Berra

I go to baseball games around the country (mostly at Fenway Park). I have a love for baseball. I collect baseballs and other memorabilia and then write about it. Ever wanted to see a game in a fan’s point of view? Well now you can see my journey from start to finish. I post tons of photos on Facebook ranging from in game shots to my photos of baseballs that I have collected. Last year I bought a GoPro. This allows me to video tape getting toss up from players from the cap brim view. It is a cool feature that I bring to my journeys around the baseball world. Baseball is not just a sport it is a passion. 

Best Moment of 2015 so far!


April 14, 2014: First Game Of The Season! Washington Nationals vs Boston Red Sox @ Fenway Park

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.26.35 AM

2014 Ballhawking Video